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Governor Tkachev discussed with experts to help local producers amber drink

In celebration of the Day of the new wine, which was held this weekend in Krasnodar Governor Alexander Tkachev discussed with experts and wine makers and managers of retail chains prospects of the Kuban region of wine, said “FederalPress.Yug” the press service of the regional administration.

“Today I am once again convinced that our wine is not worse than many recognized brands. And some so completely superior. And this is not just my opinion, but the opinion of renowned experts – said at the meeting the head of the Krasnodar region. – On our shelves still Kuban wine selection is very poor, and restaurants – and even less! Honestly, even feel ashamed. We position ourselves as a wine region, and the edge of the guests can not make a choice – because it does not exist! So definitely not be in the wine region. ”

Way out of this situation, called the limit set in the licensing of wine shops in the region – let’s Kuban wine in the range must be at least one-third. The same goes for restaurants, often with the wine list – the name of one or two local producers. According to the participants of the working meeting, the sommelier of ignorance or unwillingness to even offer Kuban wines. A cleverly try to pin the French visitors – two or three thousand rubles per bottle. When in fact, it is the strength of the $ 3.

“I think that we also need to find a way to curb the appetites of the restaurant owners!” – Addressed the audience Tkachev.

Expensiveness – also a serious problem. In the Kuban many good products in the normal price range, available to most consumers. But in the wine lists of restaurants – only very expensive wines, not everyone can afford. According to the governor, to respect the need of customers: those who can pay for a bottle of wine and five thousand, and those who are only 300 rubles.

“Another sore point – the lack of an extensive network of liquor stores Kuban manufacturers. On the edge of specialized, high-Q stores with good prices and a choice must be hundreds. But only a few wineries in the Kuban, as far as I know, have opened stores in the municipalities of the region. This is a drop in the ocean! “, – Said the head of the Kuban, already turning to the leadership of wineries. He stressed that such shops especially Kuban wine needed on the coast, where summer rest millions of tourists from all over the country.

While interacting with the wine industry of the region, the governor listened attentively to all the opinions and suggestions. For example, voiced the idea of ??opening the Kuban School sommelier. Or faculty, which will train specialists for the production of wine. More winemakers talked about the culture of wine consumption, because the high-quality, natural products – is respect for the consumer to their health.

“In Russia, mostly drink sweet wine, and sugar can easily mask all the flaws of wine – told the governor experts. – Around the world in the first place – dry wine and champagne brut. Need to talk about the taste and quality of the wine, to teach people to appreciate the work of wine! “.

At the end of the meeting, Alexander Tkachev, congratulated the Director of the Crimean winery “Lefkadia” Nicholas Pinchuk on awarding the honorary title “Honored Worker of Agriculture of Kuban”.

As previously reported, “FederalPress.Yug” only recently Kuban wines have won a number of prestigious international competitions. Amber drink from the Krasnodar region received as many as 15 awards from prestigious competitions in Europe and Asia – AWC-Vienna in Vienna and China Wine Awards in Hong Kong.

September 26 meeting on the development boundary of winemaking with the Ombudsman for entrepreneurs Boris Titov was in Abrau Durso. It was noted that this year to double the marginal subsidy tab vineyards quality grafted seedlings in half – to work in caring for the vine. “The amount of subsidies reached 180 thousand ha – this is a very strong support,” – said the head of the region. He noted that the impact of such support impressive: last year the contribution of wine to the regional budget amounted to more than 2.6 billion rubles. And already this year – 1.6 billion rubles. “Today, there is an understanding that without the source of raw materials to produce high-quality, competitive wine difficult. So laid vineyards and invest in the production of wine products. Attachments are so serious that produce poor quality product shortsighted “- said at a meeting of the vice-governor Edward Kutygin. – Kuban wineries just have to make products that can change the perception of Russian wine, both within the country and abroad. ”

Earlier prollobirovali Krasnodar authorities at the federal level packages of amendments to the legal framework through which the traditional sweet wine back into the category of table wine.

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From year to year Kuban collects more than half of Russia and grape produces half of domestic wine. Last year’s harvest was a record at all – 200 thousand tons of sunny fruit and 21.5 million deal noble drink. For comparison – Ten years ago the figure was five times less. Grape harvesting season now entering the home stretch.

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