Australia Wine Exports Grow 68% to China

China is THE Market for Premium Wine

Latest data shows impressive growth for Australian wines in China. Export growth of Australian wines to China is a staggering 63% last year.

China now buys double the amount of wine than the USA by value.

Even better news for all winemakers around the world is that the strongest growth is at premium price levels.

Almost 90% of all exports to China are above $10 per bottle.

Price Point         % Growth
$20-29.99             60%
$30-49.99             52%
$200+                    67%

The Chinese wine and spirits market is seeing huge growth, at all price levels, especially at the premium level. For more than a decade this growth has continued, and CWSA forecasts that China will be the largest wine and spirits market in the world within 2-3 years.

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