Australian Company Launches Wine Label Translation App

A new app has been developed which promises to translate wine labels into other languages to help consumers from markets which are less familiar withFrench, Italian, and Spanish wine terminology.

The Australian-based company Third Aurora created their Winerytale app using artificial intelligence with the aim of making wine more accessible especially in key markets like China. When pointed at the label the app can translate the text into a range of languages including different Chinese dialects and Russian.

Third Aurora Director Dave Chaffey explained that, “We want every bottle of wine to be the source of its own information.” Consumers whose native language is a Chinese dialect, for example, will be able to read the text on the label in their own language and make better informed purchasing decisions based on this information.

Third Aurora launched the app at the beginning of the year and since then they have conducted extensive field testing to optimise the user experience. Under the current soft launch the company has around 100 wineries signed up including the Australian-based De Bortoli, Yalumba, and Provenance Wines.

Through the app consumers can view tasting notesfood pairing tips, photos, and access videos to enjoy a virtual tour of the winery. According to the Winerytale website, the app is now active for some 10 million bottles and in nearly every country in the world.

“Customers are responding well, they love the concept and the added value that it brings to the experience,” commented Chaffey on the response to the soft launch so far.

Paul Mabray, the CEO of the California-based which provides data analytics services for the wine industry, described the app as “ a welcome addition to the AR mix for wineries. Anything that helps communicate a story is good for the wine industry.”

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