CWSA Winner Gran Castillo Royal Media Coverage

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In the times of strong economic crisis exportation is gaining very important roll in the life of any company. “Gran Castillo Royal” wine is the product that was made with that purpose. Best national products designated to cross the border. It made it in a big way. This wine, designed and made by a team that includes some Asturias members, have won Gold Medal at “CHINA WINE AWARDS” 2012 celebrated in Hong Kong, one of the most important prizes for Chinese wine market.

Mr. Ivan Blanco is one of the members of the multinational team and director of Bull & Dragon , company that includes people from Spain, Croatia, Canada, Germany and China. The company counts with oenologists, vineyard owners, farmers and marketing specialists.The story began few years ago when some of the members of the team bought vineyards in La Mancha region in central Spain. Apart from enjoying wine production this group saw great commercial potential of La Mancha region. Forming the company they have decided to create frst class products for exportation to China where some of the members already made some business before. That way Bull & Dragon was born obviously making reference to symbols of Spain and China – Bull and Dragon. After some time other countries became target for this wine and other food products.

“Gran Castillo Royal” is the wine made of Cencibel grape. That is how the famous Tempranillo grape is called in La Mancha region. Traditional methods of winemaking are applied in elaboration of this wine. Under same commercial name they are preparing also more wines including some whites as well.

“ We found out about China Wine Awards quite late and I think that our bottles arrived in the last moment” comments Mr. Blanco. “ We were very pleasantly surprised when we found out that our wine won Gold Medal. We made our participation without big pretensions so we are very pleased
with the results”.

Bull & Dragon’s star product is wine but they are also preparing top class Spanish olive oil and cheese planning to add more products in the future and from different regions of Spain. Their plan is to make Gran Castillo Royal new Trademark for an exceptional fne wine and food products for an exterior market.