Château Baccarat joins the China Wine Awards 2012 as the Official Glass Sponsor

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China Wine Awards and China Spirits Awards 2012 are proud to confirm Château Baccarat as the official glassware sponsors and a lead sponsor for the upcoming September 18th competition in The Mira hotel, Hong Kong. China Wine Awards judges will judge wines from all over the world using only Baccarat glassware during the blind tasting.

Baccarat’s latest glassware, Château Baccarat, launched earlier this year with a unique and exceptional stemware range by Bruno Quenioux. The new collection of glassware is completely in harmony with the taste of wine, appealing universally to all those with a fine palate, from the neophytes to the experts.

The universal shape of Château Baccarat is unique for its resemblance to a decanter, with an almost flat-bottomed concave base creating a wide wine surface. A closed angle side and vertical chimney to an unusually narrow lip aerates wine more efficiently.

The French brand, founded in 1764, is internationally renowned as a leader in high-end and exclusive crystal products. Traditional wine glass shapes vary according to region, such as Bordeaux and Burgundy and based on grape varieties. The new ‘universal’ glass for either ‘red’ or ‘white’ wine is designed for a wider, international wine audience “seeking greater serving simplicity and beautiful tasting wine experiences”, which fits synonymously with the China Wine Award’s mission to discover the right taste for the China market.

‘We are pleased to work with the renowned Baccarat for the forthcoming China Wine Awards and China Spirits Awards 2012. The new Château Baccarat is a perfect fit for a wine competition of this caliber,’ says Kelly England, President and Founder of the China Wine Awards.

Judges fly in from all over China including Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and other parts of China to blind taste wines suitable for the China market.