Some of the CWSA Judges

`This is a very important market to be involved in. I look at the Asia market, especially for HK and China, as one of the most important markets in the world. Take a look at the trends out of Australia, where I am from, the majority of the exports are going into China. It is a very important industry to be in.’
– Dean Lapthorne – Area Sales Representative China, Sirromet

‘For many they can look at the results of the CWSA awards benchmark to start their shortlisting of wines that they may not have heard about or be familiar with. They see that this wine has received it and will prompt them to try it.’
– Claudio Salgado – Hotel Manager at Grand Hyatt Macau

‘I think it’s critical to have buyers as judges. We are buyers in China and we know the taste of the people.
– Richard Howe, CWSA Judge Club Cru, Xiamen