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Frederick Hawk: “The wine sector is extremely important in the recovery of the country”

Portugal crossed the 700 million euros in 2012, the export of wine. A landmark that happens for the first time, thanks to bet that many producers turned to new markets beyond Europe, also in crisis, coupled with a strong promotion, as exemplified by the Wines of Portugal.

By Mad Money, Frederick Hawk, president of the Institute of Vine and Wine (IVV), explains the strategy in this sector.

Exports passed the barrier of 700 million euros. What is the forecast for 2013?
It is difficult to predict, but the expectation that we have drawn is growing 10% per year.

On the basis of these results is the promotion. In what priority markets?
Outside Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, Angola. China, Russia, Switzerland, after a series of new countries like Mexico, Mozambique, Japan

How is made this promotion?
We have several packages and measures, which consumes in terms of EU funds between 9 million and 10 million. We support about 50% of investment for producers and associations, with support after an increase of up to 80% for countries in third markets. With the program IVV, for 2013, are provided 3 million euros.

The awards are also a way to help achieve these results?
They are very important. Portugal begins to have an important share in terms of premiums contests, some very important as German Berliner Wein Trophy [where brought 64 medals]. In China [where he won 78 medals in the CWSA] also starts to be prizes. Some relating to value for money, but if we exclude the price, quality Portuguese wines also go well enough.