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The Asian company offers a free listing on its website of references Spanish wine for promotion and marketing in the local market, says the ICEX.


Ease Scent decided to go one step further in the promotion of wine in the Chinese market. For this, the company specializes in training and distribution in the wine industry has developed, a web platform that appears with the aim of bringing together producers and importers of the industry to enhance commercial and collaborative actions.

The site, open to the public and for the promotion-only-bottled wines classified by country of origin, will be operational from the second fortnight of December. Interested companies can register and include, for free until next June 30, 2013, their product catalogs in the portal.

Given the characteristics and peculiarities of the Chinese market in intellectual property and its protection, the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Beijing recommended to all companies interested in operating in this environment the need for the registration of his mark prior to initiating and carrying out any promotional activity and trade in the eastern country.

In order to advise the fabric of our country and deepen their knowledge of the rules and laws of the Chinese market agribusiness, on 22 October was held the seminar ‘Regulations for the export of food products to China’, available in Classroom Virtual ICEX Spain Export and Investment. The day served, among other things, to detail the developments referred to in the ‘Food Security Act’ of ‘giant’ Asia and its application to domestic products (such as wine and olive oil).

Training, certification and distribution in China

Founded in 2004, focuses Ease Scent professionally through various corporate divisions-in the development and promotion of the culture of wine, with great recognition in foreign markets.

In its effort to promote training and certification in accordance wine to international standards, the company, based in Beijing and in the throes of expansion has established various training centers and training locations in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Xiamen , Hangzhou and Shenyang.

This facet training and certification activities are complemented with distribution, sales and marketing-online and offline-for wines. Through its platform B2C (Business to Consumer), Ease Scent offers a wide range of quality wines imported into the local market. His portfolio includes a selection of over 1,000 items from 12 countries worldwide. Furthermore, this work is reinforced by holding tastings and culinary events that contribute to enhancing the knowledge and transmission of art and wine culture.

Finally, note the commitment of Ease Scent for job creation through its web, the first labor recruitment portal for professionals in the wine sector.

China, a growing market for Spanish wines

In recent years, the ‘giant’ Asia has become one of the largest global markets for wine consumption, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the Spanish wine industry.

The report of the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Beijing emphasizes that “China is, for wine, a market still relatively small, but high potential, whose operation does not yet meet the standards of a mature and informed environment on prices, varieties and qualities. Nevertheless, wineries around the world try to sell their product in this country, which is increasing the popularity of the product. ”

During 2011, Spain became the second largest exporter by volume-surpassed only by France, and the fourth in terms of value-passed by the Gallic country, Australia and Chile.

This upward trend is being propped up so far this year. Thus, in the January-September of course, as ESTACOM, Spanish wine sales to China (including Hong Kong and Macao) amounted to 70.47 million euros, representing a variation of 21.01% – 58.23 million compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, and as proof of the recognition of the importance of Spanish wines in the local market, the latest edition of the event ‘China Wine Awards’, held last September 18 in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong-awarded quality proposals wine of our country with the granting of 78 medals in various categories (‘Double Gold’, ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, ‘Bronze’ and ‘Highly Recommended’).