CWSA Winner Dirty Devil Vodka

Dirty Devil Vodka: a first hyperoxygenated vodka

St-Lucifer spirits made from 100% Canadian corn kernels and hyper-oxygenated water – an exclusive patented process that gives the spirit a purity, roundness and fresh taste, the statement said. 

Meticulously distilled five times and filtered three times, Dirty Devil vodka is crystal clear. Its taste opens with a warm spice tip that tickles the tip of the tongue before blooming in the mouth with subtlety. The finish is ample and of a good length. 

Thanks to its finesse, Dirty Devil vodka is excellent on the ice or on the go, but is also good for cocktails. 

Created by François Tremblay , Dirty Devil vodka has just won the double gold medal at the CWSA 2019 (China Wine & Spirits Awards).