CWSA Winner Italian First Liqueur & Italian First Brandy

2018 China Wine & Spirits Competition (CWSA) perfect ending, Hua drink SinoDrink ‘s leading Italian spirits group – Maranello group of four classic productswith outstanding quality as always embrace won the award! The Montenegro liqueur , which isknown as Italy’s first liqueur,and the first- ever wine of the Italian brandy of the first brandy of the Italian brandy, won the top prize in the competition , the double prize . Rosetta’s selection of aperitifs and the three-year aging of Vijay’s Roman brandyalso performed well and won two gold medals .

The China Wine and Spirit Awards (CWSA) is the most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China and Hong Kong, as well as the internationally judged wines and preferences for the Chinese market. Professional competitions are highly regarded as the “touchstone” for measuring the development trend of the wine market and the preferences of Chinese consumers .