CWSA Winner Margareta Wine

Three gold medals, two silver and one bronze in 2015. Four gold medals, one silver and one bronze in 2016. Four gold medals and two silver medals in 2017. Five gold medals last week. It is the balance (with the slow, constant and indisputable) growth of the Segarcea Crown Domain’s participation at the China Wine and Spirits Awards, the largest wine contest on the Asian market.


What you see above is more than a collection of gorgeous neck hats, more than a marketing tool and much more than laminated papers to put in a folder to show your guests. It is the confirmation of all the stories that tried to explain that the wine grows with life, that the vineyard is planted for the descendants, not for the planting, that the endless work, until you get to know your last soil, is the only one the recipe of evolution in a world where technology and “shortcuts” give everyone the opportunity to make a clean and sour wine.


Those who really want to create wines live and grow with their life, and they know, year after year, to get the best fruit that rains, cold, sun and all the other sunsets of heaven and earth allow. Without this growth, the Podgorian and its wine fall prey to uniformity and anonymity.

The more it is a joy to see award-winning wines that are just beginning, such as the White Princess Margareta or the Sweet Roses Hope from the Minima Moralia Collection, both from the 2017 harvest, intended for collectors who know how to enjoy the life of a wine spanning many years. So is the case with red wines that are just making their first steps towards maturity – Gratitude and Respect, both of 2016 Minima Moralia collection, distinguished with the same gold medal. But equally valuable is the confirmation of a wine like Princess Margaret Red (Marselan, 2013), already on maturity, but who still has years to live.


With thousands of samples from 55 countries and a jury of 100 top specialists from around the world, CWSA is China’s most important wine contest, and China is today the market for which a world is struggling. The medals obtained here, regardless of the sales they generate or not, remain one of the most important cultural diplomacy gestures, making the Segarcea Crown Domain a competent ambassador.