CWSA Winner Muñana wines

Two wines made in Bodegas Muñana, established in the northern municipality of the province of Granada de Cortes y Graena, and which also have the largest vineyard of the entire province, have been awarded the Gold and Silver medals in the CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards), recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious contests in Asian markets. This double award received by the winery contributes to the internationalization of these Andalusian wines, and also represents a seal of quality that serves to open the doors of some of the markets with greater growth potential, according to the company.

The Delirio Roble 2015 , awarded with the ‘Gold CWSA’, and the wine Petit Verdot 2010 , awarded with the ‘Silver CWSA’, are the two reds from the Granada winery that have been awarded with different gold and silver medals in this 2018 edition of the China Wine & Spirits Awards.

The altitude at which the Granada grapes are grown, the purity of the waters coming from the Sierra Nevada that irrigate their lands and the terrain where the vine is planted are the main characteristics that give these wines a very special personality and the they endow with a very high quality.

The CWSA is one of the most influential wine and liquor competitions worldwide, given the size of the markets to which it provides access, which mainly consists of Asians.

The judges that determine the prizes, who evaluate a number of wines from all over the planet through the use of the blind tasting technique, come from the Asian countries of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and are responsible for the purchase of more than ninety million bottles of wine and liquors from around the world.

According to yesterday assured the representatives of the Granada winery, Bodegas Muñana has among its main objectives the internationalization and export of its production all over the world, in order to place these wines made in Granada at the forefront of global and famous markets.

According to the original signature of Cortes and Graena, these awards are another example of the tour and recognition that Asian markets give quality products, an excellent reason to continue developing, as they like to say, “tall wines” .