CWSA Winner Woodland gin

Roto Dynamic  has presented one of the best ginas in the world: the woodland of the Sauerland province of Germany comes from  Woodland , a unique dry  gin of  exceptional flavor obtained by mixing classic and local plants and distilled with untouched spring water. A perfect choice as an aperitif, it is also great for cocktails, and with selected tuna in long drinks with fresh mint and slice of green apple, its freshness is especially pronounced.

Gin , especially in the most popular combination of  tonic  water, pulls roots from herbal medicine and was first produced in the Middle Ages in the Netherlands. The root of the name comes from the French word for  blueberry  –  genièvre  – which the Dutch were little changed in  genever , and the English shortened to –  gin . It was believed to help with rheumatism and arthritis, and since it was a diuretic, they also recommended it for treating kidney problems.

Continuous separation of alcohol and water through a special process of distillation of cereals or aromatized molasses, gin is usually colorless as well as vodka, but is flavored with herbal ingredients because its initial taste, as well as every medicinal drink – awful! So-great-grandfather of the gin, the Dutch  Genever  that still produces, has retained this characteristic with a strong presence of  blueberries  with a note that resembles spruce and Christmas tree.

Mixing classical and local plants from the wooded mountains and wet meadows of Saurlanda in Germany created an exceptional taste of this unique distillate. The result is fresh but defined dry  gin , distilled with intact spring water. Needle wraps, jugular ear and dandelion call a subtle, woody taste. A light note of fresh nettle, hand-picked apples and the smell of citruses round off the fresh aroma.

The German  Woodland Dry Gin  has been awarded the China Wine & Spirits Awards has been awarded the title of the  best gin in the world ! His creators – Matthias Czech, Olaf Baumeister, Till Brauckmann, Gregor Biedrzycki, Dr. Moritz Dimde and Andreas Schulte – emphasize that they like to experiment and acknowledge that they have not been able to produce gin every time they would drink but are proud of the award a collection that delights sweethearts all over the world.