From the highest price points to the lowest, wines & spirits are tasted at price levels. Medals are awarded to represent ‘Best Value’. Best quality for the price is a crucial indicator for sales success.

CWSA Best Value 2020
Tasting Week: 13th January
Results Announced: 20th January

CWSA Best Value 2021
Tasting Week: 25th January
Results Announced: 1st February

CWSA Best Value 2022
Tasting Week: 17th January
Results Announced: 24th January

CWSA Best Value 2023
Tasting Week: 13th February
Results Announced: 20th February

CWSA Best Value 2024
Tasting Week: 29th January
Results Announced: 5th February

The CWSA discovers the wines and spirits that will be major hits in China and boosts the potential and sales of boutique and major brands by giving them the recognition they deserve.

CWSA 2019
Tasting Week: 19th August
Results Announced: 26th August

CWSA 2020
Tasting Week: 17th August
Results Announced: 24th August

CWSA 2021
Tasting Week: 16th August
Results Announced: 23rd August

CWSA 2022
Tasting Week: 22nd August
Results Announced: 29th August

CWSA 2023
Tasting Week: 21st August
Results Announced: 28th August

CWSA 2024
Tasting Week: 19th August
Results Announced: 26th August