Dirty Devil Vodka just won the Double Gold Medal at the CWSA 2019

MORIN-HEIGHTS, Quebec — Born of a desire to create an innovative vodka full of character and with a contemporary design and unique style, Dirty Devil Vodka stands out with its hyper-oxygenated water and offers a distinctive aromatic profile that will conquer even the most experienced vodka enthusiasts. As evidence, Sommelier Natacha Campeau’s spontaneous reaction on her Facebook page was: “Simply one of the best vodkas I have ever tried! ” In addition, Dirty Devil Vodka just won the Double Gold Medal at the CWSA 2019 (China Wine & Spirits Awards).

It is a premium vodka created and elaborated in Morin-Heights by St-Lucifer Spirits using 100% Canadian corn grains and hyper-oxygenated water – a proprietary patented process that results in spirits with purity, roundness and an extraordinarily fresh taste with no burning aftertaste. But don’t be misled: if you think the oxygen supply prevents hangovers, Dirty Devil Vodka has an impressive 42% alc./vol.

Distilled five times and filtered three times, Dirty Devil has a crystal clarity and impressive sharpness. This vodka offers a warm, spicy finish that starts at the tip of the tongue before flourishing expansively in the mouth. It has remarkable subtlety, presenting a balance of intensity and a particularly gentle, silky texture. The final kick is full and long-lasting. Dirty Devil’s refined flavour makes it excellent pure or on the rocks, but also suitable for cocktails.

It was officially unveiled last night at a kick-off cocktail party at Montreal’s La Queue de cheval restaurant, where Dirty Devil’s founder and devil in command, François Tremblay, revealed the new product. “I think that in life you have to dare to follow your dreams. I hope that my enthusiasm will be shared by vodka enthusiasts seeking new discoveries and rewarding experiences. ” he said proudly regarding his new product.