How Mortimers Wines Cracked The Chinese Market

Peter Mortimer of Mortimers Wines in New South Wales who today have a significant presence in Chinarecently shared his journey to success which is an inspiring story for those seeking to gain a foothold in this dynamic market.

After spending time at the Chengdu Trade Fair, China’s largest and oldest wine fair, Peter quickly realised that he would need to adapt his strategy to succeed.Based on his experiences he has some crucial advice for wine brands and wineries looking to expand in China; “Establish yourself on a small scale — and you can only do so on a small scale — then you look to expand.”

Peter also worked hard in those early days to build up a solid reputation with Chinese-Australians who could help spread the message about his family’s brand“The first thing [Chinese consumers] ever do is seek out your integrity often through family and friends they know in Australia … to make sure you are Australian, not a Chinese company ripping off an Australian company.”

This advice has clearly paid off for the Mortimers who now have a warehouse in Chengdu which allows them to fulfill orders directly.

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