LE PHOTOGRAPHE Syrah 2017 – the highest honors in the country with the largest market in the world

The wine received a double gold medal and the title “Wine of the Year” at the China Wine and Spirits Awards`19 (CWSA).

LE PHOTOGRAPHE Syrah 2017 topped the list of Bulgarian wines in China’s most prestigious and influential competition and ranked among the largest international medalists. The wine of the famous Minkov Brothers winery won a double gold medal and the title ” Wine of the Year ” at the international competition China Wine and Spirits Awards `19 (CWSA). The distinction is the best seal of approval in the thriving Chinese market.
CWSA is a barometer for the search for quality wines worldwide. This is China’s most significant competition, one of the largest and most promising wine markets in the world, setting trends in the style and character of wines across the continent. In order to win a gold medal, or higher, in this prestigious race, the presented wine must have exceptional characteristics. And not only. The ranking is closely monitored by all traders and serves as a guide when considering important factors such as the excellent price-quality ratio, product vision and highlighting with competitive wines.

The focus at LE PHOTOGRAPHE is on creating wine while still in the vineyard. The wines are delicate and with very pleasant authentic varietal aromas, which is a reflection of the “terror” in the Terziyski Bair area, near the village of Venets. The unique combination of rich soils, abundant sunshine and specific relief give the LE PHOTOGRAPHE Syrah 2017 maturity, balanced taste and deep purple with violet hues. Additionally – the grapes for these wines are harvested, rone and sorted by hand, and their aging is in old French barrels.

LE PHOTOGRAPHE Syrah 2017 is an elegant wine that reveals the aromas of ripe cherry, blackberry, with shades of black pepper, cedar, leather, tobacco and smoke. The velvety and ripe tannins build a flexible and elegant body to its beautifully serene but impressive finish with a sense of ripe fruit and spicy mending. The wine matures for 12 months in 225-liter old French oak barrels and has the potential to develop in a bottle for up to 5-8 years.

This distinction is among a dozen awards from landmark international competitions that the winery receives annually. This year, the Minkovi Brothers’ wines were honored for the fourth time with a gold medal at the Decanter International Competition in London. Another good news is that the 2019 harvest was also excellent and presented the potential to create great wines. We can’t wait to understand the differences we can make with them.

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