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When buying any luxury product, whether an exquisitely engineered sports car, a rare diamond ring, or a bottle of wine – cash rich Chinese buyers always want to know they are getting the best value possible for the price. That is why CWSA Best Value results are trusted for annually establishing the wines that offer the best bang – from the very highest price points of EURO 200 ex works, through to EURO 2. ‘When making purchasing decisions, 99 per cent of wine buyers first know the price of wine they are searching for, then narrow down to the very best product they can get at that price’ reports Nikolas Prehn. ‘A wine or spirit with the CWSA Best Value medal is the clearest and most influential identification of this ‘must buy’ wine – saving buyers time and making orders faster and more convenient.’

Your vintages being known in the market for offering ‘CWSA Best Value’ is EQUALLY crucial for the most expensive premium wines, mid tier prestige level, and lower everyday drinking products.

NOW is the time to enter the CWSA Best Value. Simply enter 6+ products here and enjoy the early bird rate before 15th November from only €130 per entry and send your samples to Hong Kong before 19 February. There is NO DUTY on wine samples to Hong Kong! ALL 100 CWSA Judges are the top Importers, Distributors, Hoteliers and Sommeliers BASED in Hong Kong & China. CWSA Judges buy a combined 30 million bottles of wine and spirits per year – they know what works here. This competition is open for wines and spirits already selling in Hong Kong and China, and also those wanting to enter the market.


Demand Exceeds Supply due to Super Power China Sales

‘The world is currently facing the deepest wine shortfall in nearly half a century as demand outstrips supply’ according to Morgan Stanley’s October report into the global wine industry. This is considerably due to China’s ongoing and insatiable thirst for wine – the superpower’s consumption of wine has doubled twice in the last five years, outstripping even U.S. demand. Now China’s love of wine is growing at such a rate that it is expected to become the world’s largest consumer of wine by 2016. To continue to meet this demand, the International Organization of Vine and Wine based in France said that world wine production has recovered from a tricky 2012 harvest and will fortunately hit a seven-year high this year. Perfect timing!


Luxury Winners Known For Scoring ‘Best Value’

CWSA Jarvis WineryWhat do Gran Juve y Camps, Taylors, Jarvis Winery have in common? 1. They all retail in China at the highest price points. 2. They are ALL winners at previous CWSA Best Value competitions. Smart brands understand they need to be regarded as giving exceptional value for money for discerning customers, especially when they are charging top tier prices. Ultra premium producer William Jarvis announced, ‘CWSA is a golden opportunity for wineries. We find it so much fun to relate to the Chinese culture and the Chinese market.’ Taylors Wines’ third generation MD, Mitchell Taylor says being recognised as the CWSA Australian Wine Producer of the Year 2013 was a significant milestone. ‘China has been a focus for Taylors Wines for many years and we see it continuing to be an important part of our strategy as the country’s appreciation for high quality wine continues to grow’ he says.


Massive Middle Class Demand More Choices

‘Most people who come to China, only go to Shanghai, they go to Beijing …and tend to go to the five star restaurants and then say ‘Oh, everyone is drinking wine!’’, reported wine educator Fongyee Walker. ‘Well, these are the richest people in China, but I also see more of what I would call well-off middle management white collar people getting more and more engaged in wine, which for me is a hugely positive sign.’ The fact is that middle class Chinese people have a growing taste for wine and are increasingly adventurous in their choices. This is super news for mid priced and entry price wines who are enjoying a boom in sales. ‘China’s urban middle-class population alone, is larger than the entire U.S. total population today’, according to Dominic Barton, MD of McKinsey & Company. Now, that’s a lot of wine to be enjoyed!