CWSA Winner Vranac Reserve Media Coverage

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Wine Vranac Reserve in 2005, the company “13-Jul Plantations,” won the double gold medal in wine competition in China (The China Wine Awards), which was held on 18 September, at “Mira Hotel”, in Hong Kong, it was announced from the company.

Besides Vranac Reserve, was awarded the gold Vranac Barrique 2007, while Vranac Pro Corde 2009, in this contest, he won a silver medal.

CWA is the only wine judging in the world, which relates solely to the China market and its focus on consumer preferences and demand this of markets.
Reviewers are decision makers of wine imports, the growing Chinese market, which consists of key Chinese wine importers, distributors, wholesalers, owners of restaurants and sommeliers group based in China, keeping in mind that they are most familiar demands of Chinese consumers.

Interestingly, the competition CWA (The China Wine Awards) finds wines that will be major hits in China. Getting these awards will be of great importance in our further marketing activities in the Chinese market. Double gold medal represents a remarkable achievement for Vranac, which confirms the high quality of our wines, concluded in a statement the company “July 13-Plantations,” which transmits Portal Analytics.