CWSA in Vini e Sapori

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It was held on 18 September, but just today were delivered four gold medals from the farm Testori Fifth and Peter Danilo Testori, member of Coldiretti Pavia, Chine Wine Awards. The most important international wine competition dedicated exclusively to the Chinese market, was held on 18 September at the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong. The success of Pavia has contributed substantially to consecrate Italy in third place, with a total of 37 gold medals, after Australia and Portugal.
The farm Testori of Santa Maria della Versa, accredited Point Campagna Amica, triumphed with Syrah (two medals), The Franceschina, extra dry sparkling wine and Pinot Nero IGT sparkling rosé, winner of the first prize at the Rose d ‘Italy.
“It ‘s the proof – says Giuseppe Ghezzi, Coldiretti president of Pavia – that quality pays, the Chinese market is growing fast, with a great competition, the affirmation of the Winery of Santa Maria della Versa, is the signal that our territory can compete on equal terms with the rest of the world and be successful. ”
The Oltrepò Pavese with 13,000 hectares of vineyards, in fact, the third area of ??production of certified wines in Italy, hectoliters produced and area planted with 43 municipalities that make up the production area of Denomination of Origin (D.O. ) and expresses the almost total concentration of production of Pinot Noir country (about 75%) and grapes Croatina the total in Italy (about 70%).
Bearing a DOCG reserved to the classic method sparkling wine with 4 kinds; seven DOC with 50 types of wines and IGT with 23 types of wines.