One of the best “Willis” in the world comes from Bonn

One of the best “Willis” in the world comes from Bonn. At the China Wine & Spirits Award (CWSA), a spirits contest that is among the most influential in the world, the Bonn pear liquor “Mr. Williams “awarded a gold medal.

The pear brandy is thus one of the year’s picks in China. He can be bought for € 29.99 (RRP) at and at selected spirits dealers .

Comparing pears with pears There is a
growing interest in foreign spirits in China. It seems that the pear brandy of startup Bonner Manufaktur has done to the Chinese: Mr. Williams was awarded in Hong Kong for his intense pear flavor with gold and thus received the highest award. But not only in Asia, the Bonn pears seem to arrive well: For example, the pear schnapps won a silver medal at the well-known World Spirits Awards (WSA). The pear liqueur pendant “Mrs. Williams “even received gold at the WSA. The WSA is considered particularly challenging because the spirits 
are judged by an international tasting jury with many years of training and experience according to a strict 100-point system.

From a
crazy idea to award-winning spirits The founder of the Bonner Manufaktur Daniel Wartacz has always been on pears. As the son of a Swedish mother you can not expect anything else: In Sweden, pears are as popular as apples in this country. On every corner there are products with pears: pear ice cream, pear lemonade or pear lollipops. The fact that Wartacz made a pear brandy with his Bonn factory was a matter of the heart. But he wanted to do it differently and get Williams Christ out of the dusty corner. With success: Two wonderful reinterpretations of pear spirits have come out: Mr Williams and Mrs Williams.

About the Bonn manufactory:
The Bonn manufactory. was born in 2015 out of a dream. The dream to create something of your own by hand: A personal spirit that is made with passion and dedication using traditional methods. Starting with the multi-nationally awarded naked GiN, Fr3undeskreis W3in and Mr. Williams were quickly added. The demand for quality remains unchanged for all products.