Portuguese wines featured in Chinese competition – Wine Marketeer

The 3rd Edition of “China Wine Awards” held last week, attended by nearly 2,000 wines from 35 countries and tasted by a jury with 100 specialists.

“China Wine Awards” is the name of a competition organized by a Hong Kong publisher. The 3rd edition of this contest counted on 2,000 wines from 35 countries, which were evaluated by hundreds of jurors, mostly of Chinese origin. That’s why the organization does not get tired of saying that “China Wine Awards” contest that is more suited to the tastes of Chinese consumers. If this is true, then we are not bad either: Portuguese wines came out great, winning 3 trophies and numerous medals. Trophies are awarded to wines that in each category, proved to be the best and at the same time getting an excellent score. As for medals, Portugal collected 7 medals Double Gold, 37 Gold Medals and 66 Silver Medals and 3 Trophy’s. Ahead of us was only Australia, who managed 17 medals Double Gold and 68 Gold Medals.
This contest is conducted in China and with Chinese tasters and according to the organizers, it is the best suited to Chinese consumers. If so, this result is good for Portugal despite being only 2,000 wines in the competition.
According disclosures from the official website of “China Wine Awards”, China imported 260 million liters of wine in 2010 and has been getting a compound annual growth rate of 58%

List of Double Gold Medals and Trophy Portugal’s obtained by:
Double Gold:
•Quinta de Cabriz 2009 red – Quinta de Cabriz
•Flor das Tecedeiras 2010 red – Quinta das Tecedeiras
•Quinta do Convento de Nossa Senhora da Visitação 2007 red- Quinta do Convento
•Terra D’Alter Touriga Nacional 2010 red – Terras de Alter
•Quinta do Gradil Cabernet Sauvignon & Tinta Roriz 2010 red – Goanvi
•OCCIDENTIS 2009 red –Casal Branco
•CAPOEIRA 2010 rosé – Casal Branco

•Moscatel do Douro – Adega de Favaios Reserva – Adega Cooperativa de Favaios (Fortified Trophy 2012)
•Quinta do Gradil Cabernet Sauvignon & Tinta Roriz – Goanvi (Wines Of Lisboa Trophy 2012)
•Terra D’Alter Touriga Nacional – Terras de Alter (Wines Of Alentejo Trophy 2012