Schrödinger’s Katzen Gin conquers the international spirit world

London Savoy Hotel American. The most famous bar in the world. Anyone looking for a gin will notice the gin with the printed cat in the bar buffet: Schrödinger’s Katzen Gin.

Maxim Schulte, the new legendary American Barder Headender, has discovered this gin for himself: he is mixing a gin and tonic for an Australian guest. “I really appreciate this gin, it is a finely distilled London Dry Gin, rich in citrus flavors!” The citrus bunch is complemented by rose and elder flowers, blueberries from the Odenwald, a fine pinch of cubeb pepper, cardamom, basil and catnip, a plant that makes cats euphoric. A balanced gin developed by two strong women: founders Petra Spamer-Riether and Janina Riether, mother and daughter.

The two of them conquered the London bar world in no time: Not only in the Savoy, but also in the trendy Oriole Bar, in the dignified Connaught Hotel in the Coburg Bar, in the Scarfes Bar of the Rosewood Hotel, in the hip Night Jar – the list can go on and on , What is the secret of the two power women? Self created!

How did the founders manage to get into the best London bars? “It is the concentrated creativity in this city, the great openness and the interest in new, unusual products. In addition, there is our personal story and the personal visit to every single bar! ”Says Petra Spamer-Riether, who is actually a natural scientist and creates all the recipes herself. Both women love London and are enthusiastic about the city’s bar culture.

In Germany, too, the bars love the hip Schrödinger’s cat gin: for example, in the classic Schuhmanns bar in Munich, the talented mixologist Nouri Elmoussaoui created an extravagant cocktail with the brand new Schrödinger’s cat gin distiller’s cut: this new gin from Heidelberg Spirits has an impressive 48 volume percent and also a noble note of muscatel sage, which has been known as a mood enhancer since ancient times. In mythology, its blue-flowered aromatic-spicy, balsamic fragrance with a citrus note goes back to the goddess of beauty Aphrodite. The globally growing labiate releases its valuable essential oils with half a hundred ingredients under steam. The distiller brings the essence into a fresh, harmonious balance with the other botanicals.

This latest development of the team of two has recently been awarded the Double Gold Medal in Shanghai at the very renowned China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA). It could hardly be better! Four months on the market and immediately won a medal. “We are very happy.”

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