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One hundred local Hong Kong and Chinese renowned sommeliers and wine buying professionals this week held the biggest wine tasting ever held at the China Wine and Spirits Awards Best Value 2013 (CWSA). The bottles of the finest wines, showcased in the exclusive pictures, were selected from more than three thousand bottles of wine blind tasting stood out, to reach “Hong Kong and China” drinking tastes.

“In Europe, wine tastings are often held to find the best value wines. But as the market here has become increasingly commercialized, a lot of people assume that the more expensive the wine the better, in fact, the CWSA Best Value confirms there are excellent choices at all price points.” German wine expert Nikolas Prehn who’s family has been in the wine industry for more than one hundred and fifty years is an experienced wine professional. “European and Asian taste is very different, and there is also a very different taste preference in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The CWSA (China Wine and Spirits Awards) and the blind tasting tastings, belong to the people”. Living in Hong Kong for more than a decade Nikolas Prehn said the people of Hong Kong have a unique view of red wine. We have often heard ‘Soy’ to describe the tone of wine which to European people is very unusual but also very true. Generally speaking, Hong Kong people favor a fruity vintage wine quality which is what the CWSA Best Value results have shown.”

CWSA received more than three thousand bottles of wine, spirits, liqueurs and sparkling wine at this year’s competition. CWSA chairman Kelly England, who has also resided in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, is extremely experienced and aware of the attitude of the Hong Kong wine culture. She confirms Hong Kong is a developing and exciting market and encourages people to taste and enjoy wine in addition to focusing on simply the brand or the price. In the competition, most importantly, the three thousand bottles of wine were all wrapped in special black plastic bags, only showing the CWSA exclusive font, keeping the wine name secret for tasting.

The CWSA results take two days for counting and Sing Tao Daily visited the CWSA Headquarters to confirm the scores, showing the overall highest scoring wine this year is Australia’s Taylors Jaraman 2010. Made of Shiraz grapes, Nikolas Prehn said, “it has a little fruity taste, almost spicy, which is suitable for Chinese food”. The other CWSA award winning wines include another from Mainland China – Helan Mountain “I found this bottle of white from the Mainland very ‘Australian style’” Nikolas says with a smile: “The Helan Mountain is bringing international winemaking talent into China to assist, and they have a high level of wine technology and viticulture. The Helan Mountain winemakers have mastered the soil and planting harvest in a very short period of time, which is admirable and in fact, is a surprise!”