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A total of 78 different wines get national recognition in one of the quintessential wine competitions in the Chinese market

The last edition of the event ‘China Wine Awards’, held last September 18 in Hong Kong, has recognized the quality of Spanish wines with the granting of 78 medals in various categories (‘ Double Gold ‘,’ Gold ‘,’ Silver ‘,’ Bronze ‘and’ Highly Recommended ‘).

The jury of the meeting-reference event in the country and specifically oriented towards the Chinese consumer and local demand-was composed of about 100 professionals, among whom were local buyers and owners of restaurants and wine bars, local distributors, importers , wholesalers, sommeliers and opinion of the ‘giant’ Asia and the former British colony.

In the sample of this year, a total of 78 Spanish wines have earned numerous awards, embodied in the award of seven medals’ Double Gold ‘, 19′ Oros’, 40 ‘Silvers’ nine’ Bronzes’ and three mentions’ Highly Recommended ‘specific distinction for those references which have failed quality medal. Among the winners, wine cellars from the likes of Osborne, Juve y Camps, The Progressive Cooperative Society, Payments or Vicente Gandia King, among others.

The 2011 event was attended by 47 national wines and distinction of the proposals of 35 participants, making Spain the country with the highest number of medals won.

The complete list of award-winning wines at the event can be found at the following link: ‘China Wine Awards 2012’.