The Carpathian Brandy Special won a prestigious award from China

11.11.2019 – Carpathian Brandy Special won the double gold medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2019 in Hong Kong.

China Wine and Spirits Awards is one of the most renowned and exclusive wine and spirits competitions in the world. Every year, competitors from more than 50 countries of the world apply. The wines are judged by a 100-member jury of leading buyers of wine and spirits. All wines and spirits undergo so-called blind testing (ie, tasting of anonymous samples without labeling), which guarantees objectivity.

“The jurors at the China Wine and Spirits Awards rank among the top professionals in their area. They are selected on the basis of their experience and market knowledge. Whenever I see a product with the China Wine and Spirits Awards, I am proud to be part of it and help consumers choose the best wines and spirits, ” said one of the jurors, Yu Kong Chow.

Carpathian Brandy The jury’s specialty attracted a double gold medal for its qualities. “We are very pleased that the Carpathian Brandy Special has survived in such strong competition as it was at CWSA 2019. We are particularly proud that our brandy won a double gold medal that confirms its exceptional quality and raises awareness of quality Slovak brandy,” said Peter Ďuriš, blendmaster of the Carpathian brandy.

Carpathian Brandy Special is a unique Slovak brandy with more than 50 years of history. It gets its taste and quality thanks to at least 5 years maturation in oak barrels. In Slovakia, it enjoys great popularity and proudly presents its quality abroad.

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