Top 2020 Trends You Need to Know…

1. Smaller Bottles
The 375ml format is gaining popularlity. The interest in smaller bottles has been linked to China’s top Key Opinion Leaderslike Lady Penguinwho are encouraging their social media followers to consume wine every night before bedtime as part of theirbeauty regime.

2. Wine Prevents Disease
Unlike in Western countries where Wine is associated with dining, the results of the HKTDC survey showed that the main reason for consumption for all respondents was health-related. In China red Wine is linked to the prevention of heart disease and ageing well.

3. Drinking at Home
Enjoying Wine at home is the main location for consumption. This was followed by social gatherings with friends and family, dining out, and business events.

4. Physical Stores
Despite the huge rise of online commerce, China’s Wine drinkers still prefer to shop in physical stores. Most respondents reported that they buy Wine in supermarkets or hypermarkets, specialist wine shops, and smaller boutique supermarkets.

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