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Helan Mountain wine in China Wine & Spirits Awards

Recently held in Hong Kong the CWSA Best Value 2013 the China Global Wine & Spirits Grand Prix most valuable prize competitions, Pernod Ricard Ningxia Helan Mountain Wine Co., Ltd. for the year 2013 the most outstanding wine producers „award, and itswines more outstanding performance gains in a number of awards:

Helan Mountain wine produced in the majestic and impressive the Helan Mountains stretches for hundreds of miles, to the unique soil, climate and terroir bred quality grapes. In order to brew the best wine in China, the chief wine consultant in Helan Mountain grape wine industry in Australia master Mr. Philip Laffer, led a team of Chinese and foreign experts, carefully manipulated in vineyard management, grape picking, grape processing and fermentation, storage link.

In recent years, the Helan Mountain wine won 42 professional wine competitions in five countries and regions, 114 awards, being praised by many wine experts at home and abroad. With Thatcher good quality, Helan Mountain has become an outstanding representative of Chinese wine, and won the „2013 China International Wine and Spirits Competition gold also reaffirmed its wine quality. With its rigorous vineyard management, meticulous winemaking and excellent quality wines, Pernod Ricard Ningxia Helan Mountain Wine Co., Ltd. in the contest won the honorary title of the year 2013 the most outstanding wine producers “ true to its name.

Helan Mountain

(Ningxia), Pernod Ricard Helan Mountain Wine Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned Pernod Ricard’s production company, mainly engaged in the production and sale of grape growing and wine. Extraction of natural essence of Helan Mountain wine adhering to world-class brewing technology, to further increase brand awareness and reputation through the improvement of consumer network, opening its doors to the grand and imposing, to the world stage, and is committed to brewing top grade wines.

About the CWSA China Wine and Spirits Awards

China Wine and Spirits Awards is only a departure from the market preferences and requirements, liquor professional assessment events for the Chinese market, the competition attracted 23 countries from around the world, a total of 3000 a variety of wines and its manufacturer and agents participating. 100 contest judges, by professional wine and spirits buyers, these the professional procurement decision-makers selected from the group consisting of the wine and spirits market of the leading importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in 2012 The Year Total purchase more than forty million bottles of wine. It can be said that the brands of wine and wine merchants in this competition are the most market value and worth the purchase and promotion of wine brands in the Chinese market.